A collabrative soup searching effort

In the last two weeks, LeapLife enjoyed a large burst of soup-searching by AlephAlpha, FWKnightship and me (Ultimium) on Catagolue. The total object count increased by approximately one fourth or 25 billion objects. The discoveries found between May 9 and May 18 are pictured below: (Yellow ones are novelties.)


Before May 9, two significant objects have been found in soups as well. They are the "cis-birthday shuttle", a trivial variation of a p24 shuttle found on my birthday last year: (Left: cis-birthday shuttle, Right: Original birthday shuttle)


Interestingly, it was found only a few days before my friend yujh's birthday.

Another is a "Pavgran's p26" interacting with a block catalyst. For some reason, even though it did not appear through the whole 2020 (where around thirty people contributed to the search, with a total object count of 100 billion), they appeared three times by three different users (AlephAlpha, FWKnightship and me) in the course of a week. A 31-bit still life appeared in a random soup on May 18, filling the last gap of natural still life sizes - there's now natural still life of every bit count from 4 to 36.